TowerStreet- An Insurance Focused CRM Platform

TowerStreet was designed and developed by insurance professionals for insurance professionals with features built in to manage workflow, simplify customer management, and increase revenue.

TowerStreet is focused on improving business operations for the insurance industry.  The product started as an idea from a seasoned insurance agent.  His mission was to improve the workflow of his business and help others do the same with an easy-to-use CRM with a built in email marketing campaign feature. This idea coupled with his experience in insurance related operations, allowed for a unique CRM product to be delivered.  In addition to the CRM platform a need for client portals and HR resources were brought to the table and developed for added benefit to insurance professionals from individual agents to the largest insurance agencies.  Over the course of time and development, the TowerStreet platform has become the strongest, most efficient tool for insurance agents to manage their businesses and simplify their operations.

A Little History


The development of the modern commercial insurance industry traces its roots to 17th Century England, where commercial voyages across the Atlantic Ocean necessitated the spreading of the risk inherent in such ventures. Investors in such voyages would seek out brokers of syndicates of individual insurers that would undertake their risk-laden propositions.

In the latter part of the 17th Century, all of the participants in these transactions would gather in coffee houses that had begun to propagate all over the City of London after the introduction of the drink to England decades before. One of the most popular venue for investors and insurers of commercial trans-Atlantic voyages was a coffee house owned by Edward Lloyd located on Tower Street in London.

Just as Tower Street in London became the epicenter for information used by brokers in the insurance industry during the industry’s modern origins in the 1600s, today, Tower Street CRM software can become the central tool for brokers to manage customer relationships. In addition, Tower Street CRM allows for efficient pipeline management and workflow automation so that brokers can more efficiently maintain and serve their clients and free up valuable time to significantly increase marketing, production and, eventually, the bottom line.

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